China Unicom's (CHU) Beijing branch has announced that it will formally provide GPRS international roaming service and roaming service in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to GSM post-pay users.

Hong Kong and Taiwan have become the first two areas where the service is launched. GSM post-pay users who open the international roaming service will be able to use China Unicom's GPRS services in Hong Kong and Taiwan. These services include WAP service, mobile phone download service and multimedia messaging service.

At present, China Unicom users who have opened the international roaming service also can use the GPRS roaming service. If they apply to cancel the roaming service, the GPRS roaming service will be cancelled at the same time.

The GPRS international roaming service is charged by flow rate. In Taiwan, the price is CNY0.05 per kilobyte and in Hong Kong, it is CNY0.02 per kilobyte.


  1. THanks but are you interest in on the grond live feed back!
    I am in Wujiang city,Jiangsu Province, PRChina for the last 4 days.
    Abnout 60KM from Shanghai.
    Your help desk told me unicom was the preferred network to choose but it is not accessable in this area. Mteor could not confirm this but I did.
    I asked my chinese colleagues to try to get on to thr unicom network but they could not and they confirmed it was not avaliable in shanghai.(25M people).
    What is going on, I am on business here every 3 months and I had no problem in the past.
    Have you signed up with a cheap network with no covrerage?
    I changed to meteor as I had alot of business in Poland but I will change back next week to vodafone as i am loosing customers as we are cheaper but a crap international service.

    Your are so bad..
    Sean Duggan


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