China Telecom (CHA) has announced that the company has formally joined the global CDMA Development Group.

China Telecom says that the reason for joining CDG is to better the operations and services of its CDMA network. As a member of CDG, China Telecom will now more conveniently track the technological development trend of CDMA and promote the development of its CDMA business.

Founded in December 1993, CDMA Development Group is an international consortium of companies who have come together to lead the adoption and evolution of 3G CDMA wireless systems around the world. At present, CDG is formed by 259 members, including service suppliers, manufacturers, application developers and content suppliers. Its mission is to lead the rapid evolution and deployment of 3G CDMA-based systems, based on open standards and encompassing all core architectures, to meet the needs of markets around the world.


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