CCID Consulting, one of the first Hong Kong listed Chinese consulting company, has launched the new version of its statistics website to cover 37 industries in eight fields and more than 16 million records, including mobile phone monitoring statistics.

President of CCID Group, which is also known as China Center for Information Industry Development, Liu Liehong, says that the launch of the new is prompted by the group's intention to shift its focus fully to the Internet. Traditionally, information has been mainly offered to major clients face-to-face and it is hard for small and medium-sized companies to get these statistics. With the help of this new, all of its users will be able to search the industry statistics they need and the industry policies in CCID's database.

According to Luo Wen, vice president of CCID Group and president of CCID Consulting, the new website will offer information about China's industry and information technology dating back to 2001, including policies and regulations, industry plans, industry management and regional development. At the same time, CCID Consulting will update its monthly, quarterly and annual reports on 37 major industries, including information industry, traditional industry, high technology and energy.

By its analysis on the micro data of the market and its forecast about the developing trend, CCID Consulting will provide these companies with professional consulting services through the Internet.


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