The China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre has released its "No.1 Report", which exposes the illegal spread of risque information of some Chinese websites and combines the names of those websites onto a blacklist.

The websites that are on the blacklist include the community channel of, the BBS channel of, the entertainment channel of, the entertainment BBS channel of, the images area of, and the images area of

The China Internet Information Service Commission of the Internet Society of China, which sponsors the CIIIRC, issued a proposal to establish a better Internet environment on June 25, 2008. To cooperate with the work of the commission, the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre implemented a spot check on some Chinese websites about which the public had complained.

The results of the spot check show that most of the websites can meet the requirements. However, "unhealthy" information still appears on some websites. In regards to this situation, the CIIIRC previously sent notices to these websites and ordered them to delete the illegal content, but CIIIRC says their demands were not heeded. Therefore, the the CIIIRC decided to expose the names of these websites on its blacklist.

CIIIRC says it will now implement regular spot checks after receiving complaints from netizens. They will send notices to any website that fails to meet minimum standards of decency and order them to make corrections within a specified time. For these websites that refuse to make corrections or make inadequate corrections, CIIIRC will publicize their names.


  1. PEOPLE BEWARE of these CHINESE ONLINE COMPANIES. This statement is in no way to target any companies here in the US or China, that comply with human/business ethics.

    What in the world are the Chinese businesses doing? You don't just receive payments for goods and not ship the purchased products. The Olympics and the free trade agreement is a grand opportunity for international trade between individuals/small businessmen here in the US and businesses in China, so why not be honorable, is that so hard to do.

    I've been looking for a source or department to assist me with an Online Wholesale Chinese Company which request payments for goods ordered, through Bank Wire Transfers and they never sends your products. These offenders, are your prominent organizations that have been in business for years. This is an outrage. They should set a better example for their people and business community. What is worse, these big companies like Yahoo and Google market their ads as if these offenders were their parents.

    Who do I contact for resolution, what can I do?

  2. Buyer beware…an old adage. I've been in china for over 4 years and have a chinese company and a chinese wife. We help people to find out who to buy and do business with that are honest. It is true that many websites in china even teach people how to rip off foreigners.

    If it sounds to good to be true it is. If you get greedy and think you can make a buck fast, most likely you will lose. This is true in any country.

    I hear from people all the time who lose many thousands in deals that are devoid of common sense. It takes us very little time to find out who is real and then do inspections and testing before shipping items outside of the country.

    Think before you do something stupid and have no one to blame but yourself. IF the websites are in English only you can count on paying too much or getting ripped off.

  3. cnc-offer international trading company.
    I Paid for a sample cellphone and recieved an electric razor.
    The company does not answer e-mails.


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