According to foreign media, Joost, an American online video service provider, will cooperate with Tom Group to establish a joint venture in China and provide online video services to Chinese netizens.

The joint venture will reportedly provide Chinese-language TV programs through the Internet. At present, Joost and Tom Group have opened a website which reportedly can provide 16,000 hours of programs. These programs are authorized by many film and video organizations, including CCTV, China Record Corporation, Beijing BTV Media, CAV Warner Home Entertainment and Huayi Brother Group.

In March 2006, the Chinese government suspended the operation of dozens of video websites. By June 2008, it issued certifications to 247 video websites, including, which is owned by the Tom Group.

Founded in 2007, Joost is a free online video service provider. It is packed with Internet tools such as instant messaging and channel chat, allowing people to share the television experience.


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