According to Beijing Radio Administration Bureau, two illegal base stations of Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Datang Corporation, have been closed for interfering with the Olympic radio frequency band.

The two illegal base stations were located on the roofs of the No.4 building of Zhixueyuan Community and the No.7 building of Zhongguancun Software Park. The No.7 building of Zhongguancun Software Park is the location of Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology.

A representative from Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology says that the two base stations were undergoing test launches for the companies two projects and their radio devices have received the approval permits from the relevant departments of the government. However, the officers from the Beijing Radio Administration Bureau says that although the devices are approved by the government, the establishment of base stations and the test launch should also be approved, or they are illegal. The radio frequency band used by Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology is reportedly the same as that used for Olympic radio broadcast, which will bring interference to the normal use of Olympic radio.

At present, Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology has suspended the test launch of the two base stations and the radio devices are temporarily confiscated by the bureau.


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