With a theme of "2008 Microsoft Hosted Exchange Day", the Microsoft Hosted Exchange customer experience meeting was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province this past weekend.

Held by Microsoft and co-organized by the operator of Raymail, Xmfish.com, the meeting aimed at enhancing customers' recognition of Microsoft's Exchange product and displaying the smart, efficient and convenient Raymail to customers through introducing and providing experiences of the enterprise information hosting, which is known as a leasing business model.

Raymail is a flagship product of the Microsoft Hosted Exchange services and a leading product in global e-mail and office coordination hosting service sectors. In addition to the daily e-mail receiving and sending functions, it can provide corporate users with shared coordination functions such as calendar of events, meeting arrangement, tasks, contacts and pushmail, a function that allows users to send and receive e-mails by mobile phones. With Raymail, corporate users can safely and rapidly receive and send e-mails without an expensive server, software or any investment in hardware maintenance. The users can enjoy efficient office coordination and gain access at anytime anywhere, which will reduce the IT costs and raise the working efficiency of these corporations.

China's leading digital direct marketing company BDL Media also said that a safe, stable and efficient communication platform is the most crucial factor for the development of a company. Combining the products and technological supports of Microsoft with the services of the senior corporate mailing network operator, the two companies plan to offer a perfect hosted mail solution to corporations.

As the commercial partner of Microsoft, Xmfish.com invited 38 commercial netizens to attend this meeting. Being one of the most popular lifestyle portals in Xiamen, Xmfish.com launched a mobile phone e-mail box with the pushmail function. Targeted at commercial netizens, the e-mail box will bring more convenient online experiences to the members of Xmfish.com.


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