, one of China's software download portals, has reached an agreement with Kingsoft, a leading network security manufacturer in China, to jointly enhance the security of software downloaded from

According to the agreement, any software that is downloaded from will go through the security test of Duba, an anti-virus software from Kingsoft, to ensure the security and integrity of these software, which will protect against viruses that spread by binding with application software.

Li Tiejun, an anti-virus engineer from Kingsoft, says that binding with software has been a major channel for the spread of viruses. Some virus writers take advantage of the high hit rates of some popular downloaded software and bind their viruses with these software to lure netizens to download them.

For the cooperation with, Kingsoft will implement auto-tests on any software that is uploaded to the server of Once a software is found containing a virus, will immediately stop the download service of the software to ensure the security of users.


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