Chinese mobile handset company Ramar will embed the GyPSii location and social networking application on the forthcoming range of the company's "amsam" Windows Mobile devices.

This new agreement between GyPSii and Ramar has provisions for revenue sharing between GyPSii and Ramar based on current business models for mobile social networking including advertising, in addition to license revenues from Ramar for pre-bundling of GyPSii on the devices. Neither company has provided details on estimates in the amount of revenue they forecast from this deal.

GyPSii will initially be available on "amsam" devices in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Ramar will promote and distribute the GyPSii-enabled phones directly from its own stores, and also via retail partners across China. The deal includes provisions for GyPSii revenue streams from both IPR licenses and mobile Geo-advertising business models.

GyPSii currently interoperates on Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry devices, as well as the Apple iPhone, along with browser-based Internet connected devices.


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