The official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games says that the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games is cooperating with many websites to delete Olympic ticket scalping information, and these websites have also promised not to publish similar information in the future.

According to the organization committee, as the Olympic Games is drawing near, the Olympic ticket scalping has become serious and has greatly disturbed the preparations for the glorious Beijing Olympic Games.

In the investigation of the legal department of the organization committee, it was found that the Internet is a major platform for the tickets scalping. On some websites, there were more than 20,000 posts related to scalping information, covering about 100,000 tickets of various games. After finding this information, the organization committee contacted the managers of these websites and asked the websites to remove the information and to screen for any future scalping information.

The action reportedly gained full support from these websites. Within 24 hours, many websites, including,, qu114,, and, deleted all the Olympic ticket scalping information. Some websites released a notice in prominent positions on their websites saying they will not publish Olympic ticket scalping information.


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