The People's Government of Hebei Province and China Netcom signed a strategic cooperative agreement at Bailou Hotel, Shijiazhuang this week.

According to the agreement, Hebei government will support China Netcom's participation in the information construction of Hebei Province; support the extension of China Netcom's information service platforms in Hebei Province. China Netcom will actively develop its businesses, including service outsourcing base construction, software development and system integration, in Hebei to spur the development of relevant industries in the province. In addition, the two sides will jointly plan and build a large-scale e-commerce platform, promote the developments of the Internet information service industry and the e-commerce, and jointly implement information talents training.

On behalf of the two sides, Sun Ruibin, vice governor of Hebei Province, and Jiang Zhengxin, vice general manager of China Netcom, signed the agreement. Zhang Yunchuan, Party secretary of Hebei Province; Hu Chunhua, vice Party secretary and acting governor of Hebei, and Zuo Xunsheng, president of China Netcom, attended the signing ceremony.

Zhang Yunchuan said at the signing ceremony that Hebei welcomes strategic investors such as China Netcom to develop their businesses in the province. The government will make great effort to create a good environment for these companies and offer more efficient and convenient services to them so as to achieve a win-win situation for the companies and the local economy.

Zuo Xunsheng expressed his appreciation for the support of the Hebei government. He says that the signing of the strategic agreement marks a new stage of the two sides' cooperation. China Netcom will conscientiously implement the agreement and further promote the partnership between Hebei Province and the company.


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