According to a report of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, China Unicom Limited has announced that after the mergence with China Netcom, the new company may be named, quite originally, China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited.

China Unicom says that its board of directors has suggested changing the new company's name from China Unicom Limited to China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited. However, the name will not be changed until the merger agreement comes into effect. By then, China Netcom will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Unicom and the name China Unicom may also be canceled.

The report says that the changing of the company's name aims to reflect the business, operation and identification of the group after the big merger. The adoption of the new name is consistent with the commercial interests of China Unicom.

The corporate logo of China Unicom, which is a red Chinese knot, was decided in March 2006. It represents China Unicom's expectation for the coming of the 3G age. So the logo is not likely to be replaced after the restructuring.


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