Huawei has announced that the company won the bid for the system upgrading project of China Post's 11185 customer service call center.

The first stage of the project will cover 14 Chinese provinces. After the upgrade, China Post's national central platform and provincial platforms will be interconnected through a network call center, which will realize load sharing, disaster recovery and resource sharing across the whole network. In addition, it will help China Post to achieve a unified service standard across China.

In this project, Huawei will adopt its IPCC integrated solution, including UAP queue equipment, a TopEng computer telephony integration platform, a network call center and the relevant interactive voice response system and the recording equipment. The entire solution has the features such as safe system strategy, good compatibility, high reliability and expandability which can meet China Post's high requirements on the security and the stability of its call center system.

Upon the completion of the first-stage project, the new system will be able to accommodate 2,000 seats concurrently, making it a system with one of the largest seat scales in the Chinese call center industry.


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