China Mobile's (CHL) provincial branches have started to contact local mobile phone stores to open sales channels for TD-SCDMA terminals and more than 400 stores in Beijing and more than 160 stores in Shenyang will soon participate in sales of TD-SCDMA terminals.

Most TD-SCDMA terminal manufacturers only have one or two TD-SCDMA products, so they can't set up independent sales channels for their TD-SCDMA products since the costs are too high. However, as China Mobile's promotion strength in TD-SCDMA market is further enhanced, its provincial branches have started trying to extend the sales channels of TD-SCDMA terminals from their own business hall to more malls and outlets.

Before the second-stage bidding of TD-SCDMA was begun, China Mobile published statements to support the independent sales of TD-SCDMA terminal manufacturers. Starting from May 2008, China Mobile opened the sales channels in eight TD-SCDMA cities to four companies, including Coolpad, Samsung, ZTE and LG.

China Mobile's promotion strength and open policy will make the development situation of TD-SCDMA clearer, which will motivate the development of various links in the TD-SCDMA industry chain.


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