While busy completing a CDMA tender, China Telecom's (CHA) CDMA2000 network is also undergoing construction and the initial construction of its CDMA2000 trial network in Guangzhou has recently been completed.

After the restructuring of China's telecommunications industry, Wang Xiaochu, general manager of China Telecom, said at a press conference that the company will upgrade the CDMA network to EV-DO and its will choose Long Term Evolution to be its post-3G standard. Although Wang said that the comprehensive profitability of CDMA network may not be realized until 2011, China Telecom's network deployment of CDMA and CDMA2000 is always a priority.

An insider from China Telecom says that the company's CDMA2000 trial network in Guangzhou has completed its initial construction and will start beta tests soon. Prior to this, China Telecom purchased CDMA2000 equipment, including key equipment for packet data network connections. The function of this equipment is to complete the access to mobile data services and realize data transmission between the mobile telecommunications network and the packet data network.


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