Tom Group says Wang Leilei has resigned his posts as vice president and executive director of Tom Group, CEO and director of and director of Tom-eBay.

According to Tom Group, the reason for Wang Leilei's resignation is because he wants to realize his personal vision and achieve another success in his career. The group says that over the past eight years, Wang committed himself to the development of's Internet and wireless businesses and made great contributions to the group's business in the China area. The group wishes him a better future.

Joining Tom in 1999, Wang has been in charge of the overall operation of in China for almost nine years. was listed in the U.S. and Hong Kong in March 2004, but was delisted in August 2007.

There is a rumor that Wang may join to fill the vacancy left by Zhou Yunfan, who resigned his positions as president and CEO of on August 17, 2008.


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