KongZhong (KONG), one of China's many wireless value-added and wireless media companies, announced that Chen Xiaoxin formally joined the board of directors of KongZhong Corporation as an independent director.

At the same time, Chen will be a member of the company's board's audit, compensation and nomination committees and replace Zhang Hui, who resigned from the board on September 16, 2008 for personal reasons, to serve the remainder of Zhang's term, which will end in 2010.

Referring to this appointment, chairman and CEO of KongZhong Corporation Zhou Yunfan says that Chen's appointment is a beneficial addition to the board of the company. His broad industry experience and acute business insight will bring more value to the company.

Having been a managing partner of the private equity fund Zeniphs China Capital since the end of 2007, Chen was CFO of Oak Pacific Interactive and vice president of Citigroup Hong Kong.


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