Chinese electronics retailer Suning has announced plans to launch a self-developed Sunshine Package Service Program to upgrade its appliance maintenance and warranty services for consumers.

The Sunshine Package is a warranty extension product which provides consumers with maintenance services such as free repair and replacement for hard-to-repair products within the prolonged warranty period.

Wang Zhe, executive vice president for Suning's marketing department, points out that viewed from the actual service model and operation situation of parts of the foreign warranty extension service organizations, their warranty extension services do not fully fit the Chinese market. On one hand, most of the foreign warranty extension service agencies are European and American companies who did not customize their service standards and service methods in accordance with China's appliances sales model and the consumer habits of Chinese customers. On the other hand, professional warranty extension agencies and appliance retailers are relatively independent and the two sides will give priority to their own interests. Therefore, in some situations, they cannot offer consistent and comprehensive services to customers, which may harm the interests of customers in China.

However, Wang says that the upgraded Sunshine Package will be supported by Suning. The call center and the maintenance and replacement services will be fully managed by the company, which breaks the limitation set by foreign warranty extension companies. With this Sunshine Package, Suning will make corresponding items in accordance with the demand of the warranty extension market so as to maximize the interests of customers who join this program.


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