According to a notice released by China Telecom (CHA), the company will formally become the operator of China's CDMA network from October 1, 2008.

At the same time, the company has made a detailed plan for the relocation of the CDMA network to ensure the normal communications services during the relocation, which is expected to be completed in three months.

China Telecom says the acquisition of China Unicom's CDMA network is a demand of the deep reform of the industry as well as an important milestone for the model transition of China Telecom. From then on, the company will shift from a fixed-line operator to a full-service operator, making it a real comprehensive information service provider.

After taking over the CDMA network, China Telecom will devote a certain period to implement an overall optimization, capacity enlargement, reconstruction and upgrading on the network to raise the quality of its network and customer service.

Having invested CNY110 billion in the acquisition of the CDMA network, the company plans to continue to invest a large amount of money in the optimization and capacity enlargement. To handle the great financial pressure brought by the large investment, the company will further extent its financing channels and to raise funds through various ways, including issue bonds.


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