Kingsoft has announced that a new 1.8 version of its Google (GOOG) Kingsoft Ciba, dictionary software jointly developed with Google, has been launched.

This is an optimized version with new functions since the initial launch of Google Kingsoft Ciba on May 8, 2008. Integrating with the zoned word translation function of Google's translation engine, the 1.8 version can realize translation of all software and web pages on which the words can be selected with a mouse. In addition, the launch of this function marks the ultimate solution of the compatibility problem between translation software. The zoned word translation function of Google Kingsoft Ciba 1.8 is supported by Google China's translation engine. Providing translation between seven different languages, the new Google Kingsoft Ciba can realize translation of words, sentences and even a whole article and web page. The inserted translation technologies and the rich language materials will ensure the correctness of the translated materials.

Apart from the zoned word translation function, the new version also provides translation functions such as an Internet Explorer translation and Explorer sidebar translation to offer a rapid and convenient translation service to its users using a Windows operating system.

General manager of Kingsoft Ciba Li Wanqiang says that the zoned word translation is not just a simple adding of functions. Instead, it represents a great new service for users who have needed these types of specific translation means. Combining Google's zoned word translation with Kingsoft's current technologies, the company will be able to offer better translation services to users. He also expressed his satisfaction with the search engine technologies and content support provided by Google.

The Google Kingsoft Ciba 1.8 will still be provided to users for free and no Google advertisements are inserted in the product.


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