The Chinese anti-virus firm Rising has formally announced its Cloud Security 2.0 version, focusing on blocking trojan viruses from the Internet.

The Cloud Security 2.0 has been launched after the public trial of Rising's anti-virus software 2009 and its main targets are webpages that contain trojans. Through automatic blocking of webpages with trojan, the new product aims to stop the virus at the entrance of the Internet, cutting the access of the virus to users' computers. The new module will be embedded in the new version of Rising's Kaka security assistant after the public trial and offered to users for free.

According to Mao Yiding, vice president of Rising, while providing the trojan service to users independently, the company may cooperate with browser vendors and search engines to promote professional security services such as malicious website databases to jointly create a secure Internet environment for Chinese netizens.

Started at the end of 2007, the Cloud Security is a security service based on the Internet. It links the users with the technology platform of Rising through the Internet and forms a huge network to monitor and kill trojans and malicious software, or malware. Every Kaka user is a contributor to the Cloud Security and they can share the security results with other users at the same time.


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