According to a report on Chinese minors' use of the Internet jointly conducted by the China Youth Social Service Center, the Youth Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the China Youth University for Political Sciences, about 85.6% of Chinese minors that participated in the investigation have accessed the Internet and about 66.7% of them access the Internet at least once a week.

With less than 25% of China's total population using the Internet, these statistics seem a bit overblown, but the report says about 75.5% of minors who live in urban areas have access to the Internet and the proportion for those living in the rural areas is about 39.7%. Their major goals for using the Internet are to get entertainment, to seek knowledge, to learn about current events, to complete homework, and to communicate with friends. The proportion for the above goals are 58.5%, 11.9%, 10.3%, 8.8% and 6%, respectively.

Among all the Internet activities, the minors pay most attention to online communications. About 20.1% of them use instant messaging tools and set up blogs to communicate with each other and the major goals for the communications are to relax, to exchange experiences, to make friends and to pass the time.

The investigation also shows that the Internet has become an important channel for the teenagers to learn knowledge outside the classroom and about 47.4% of them say the Internet plays an important role in their studies.


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