China's leading PC manufacturer Lenovo (LNVGY), e-commerce platform and the chip maker Intel (INTC) have jointly launched an e-commerce PC that is tailored for small and medium enterprises in China.

The e-commerce PCs includes desktop and notebook products under Lenovo's brands Yangtian series and ThinkPad SL with price at about CNY3,000.

Lenovo's Yangtian series products are specially designed for e-commerce. With applications related to the e-commerce sector, the computers can assist the corporate users in setting up websites, displaying their products, conducting business communications, and monitor traffic so as to simplify the process of e-commerce and cut costs.

Adopting Intel's 45 nanometer processor technology, the Yangtian e-commerce computers are not only environmentally-friendly, but also can help the terminal users to improve the productivity and cut costs. Pre-installed with's Winport platform, the e-commerce computers also retain applications of the Yangtian Series.

The launch of the e-commerce PCs, which are tailored for Chinese SMEs, is an important measure for the optimizing of the e-commerce infrastructures of these companies. For the next step, the three IT giants will enhance cooperation while cooperating with more companies at the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to provide long-term support for the e-commerce development of Chinese SMEs.


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