American-based Silicon Image (SIMG) has opened its latest research and development center in Shanghai.

The Shanghai R&D center and sales office, which will also serve as headquarters of Silicon Image China, will focus on the development and sales of core technologies and cost-effective products to be incorporated in consumer electronics and home entertainment devices. The Silicon Image Shanghai R&D center expands the company's current worldwide R&D operations which include facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Shanghai office currently employs 50 engineers and is expected to be a primary location for future growth of Silicon Image R&D capabilities. Silicon Image will serve its growing and diverse customer base in Asia through the existing sales office in Shenzhen as well as the new sales staff in Shanghai.

Silicon Image's wholly-owned subsidiary, Simplay Labs, already has two interoperability testing centers in Shenzhen and Shanghai where manufacturers can submit their products for Simplay HD interoperability and high-definition performance testing and certification.


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