Intel (INTC) has announced plans to build a Linux software center to assist Taiwan's local manufacturers in extending their notebooks and Internet terminals to the global market.

Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, says that the goal for establishing this software center is to improve Taiwan's competitive power in this sector. The engineers in the center will mainly focus on training and consulting services to promote the rapid popularization of the Internet-access technology of mobile terminals. The other goal for this move is to accelerate the marketing of Intel's Atom processors and Moblin system.

Moblin is a Linux-based operating system which is specially designed for nettops and netbooks.

At the same time, Otellini announced that Intel's investment arm Intel Capital will invest NTD386 million in VMAX Telecom, a wireless communication operator jointly formed by Teco Electric & Machinery, Tecom Co. Ltd. and Vibo Telecom, to build a WiMAX network in the northern area of Taiwan in the first half of 2009. This is the first time for Intel to invest in Taiwan's WiMAX sector.

In addition, Otellini said over his visit to Taipei that the company will cooperate with Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs to set up a global mobile Internet device software platform licensing center in Taiwan to jointly develop wireless business opportunities with Taiwan's original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers.


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