China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has conducted an industry review on the charging activities of Chinese telecom service providers in the third quarter of 2008 and the result shows that 11 telecom service providers were conducting illegal activities, including the promotion of services without disclosing fees, fake promotions and the charging of fees without the provision of relevant services.

From September 23 to September 25, 2008, MIIT investigated 220 wireless value-added services from 147 service providers. The result shows that most of the service providers can operate in accordance with the relevant Chinese regulations and the overall quality of the mobile value-added services has been improved. However, there were still 11 telecom service providers that had illegal activities.

The 11 telecom service providers are Beijing Longteng Yangguang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Xuancai Science and Technology Co., Ltd.; Beijing Zhongguang Guangshi Science and Technology Co., Ltd.; Guangzhou Jisutong Network Science and Technology Co., Ltd.; Beijing Tianying Jiuzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd.; Beijing SiteView Network Technology Co., Ltd.; Beijing Network Communication Co., Ltd.; Beijing Mobile Multimedia Information Technology Co., Ltd.; Leshi Mobile Media Science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.; Sichuan Neower Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd.; and Beijing Jifude Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Among the 11 telecom service providers punished, only one company, Sichuan Neower, was ordered to suspend all operations until it could fully restructure its business. The remaining providers were punished with reduced scores on a scale used by the MIIT to evaluate telecom service providers and the suspension of their illegal services.


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