According to the information from Beijing Labor Service Management Center, the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau, and the Business Management Department of People's Bank of China have jointly announced plans to enlarge the coverage of discount loans applied for by Beijing's unemployed to assist them in starting their own businesses online.

The notice says that the coverage of discount loans will be increased from the former 19 sectors to more than 100 sectors in eight major industries, covering nearly all businesses and industries that are available for self-employed people. At present, the new rules and a list of these businesses have been published on

In addition, as a branch of retail sales, online shops are included in the discount loan program for the first time. According to the new rules, the businesses that are allowed to apply for the discount loan not only include convenience stores and stalls, but also cover emerging sales activities that are realized through the Internet, postal mail and telephone.

At the same time, for small companies who hire unemployed people in Beijing, they will also gain certain financial subsidies from the Beijing government. Small companies who employ three to twenty employed people in Beijing at one time can get 50% discount when applying for a small secured loan; and for those who employ more than twenty, they can gain full discounts when applying for the loan.


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