The China Electronics Standardization Association announced in Beijing that the Unstructured Operation Markup Language, a read and write access standard for electronic documents created by CESA, has been approved by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, making it the first Chinese-made international standard of its kind in the software industry.

UOML defines the read and write access standard for electronic documents, which realizes mutual read and write between documents in different formats.

Fifty-one international companies, users and academies, including Google, HP, Sun Microsystems, University of California at Berkeley, EMC, Fujitsu, Red Hat, Nokia, U.S. Department of Defense, Boeing, Lockheed, Schneider Electric, Juniper, Freescale, the Forestry Commission of Great Britain and Korea Communication Commission voted to approve the UOML standard as an international standard, which exceeded the threshold of 45 votes.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China says the ministry will encourage the use of this standard. At present, seven Chinese software companies have jointly set up a UOML Alliance and software products and application solutions which can support the UOML standard have also been launched.


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    It was working perfectly in the past. Thanks.


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