After acquiring the CDMA network from China Unicom, China Telecom (CHA) is actively implementing the merger of its fixed line and mobile network and according to insider of the company, China Telecom has launched the trial operation of the mobile version of its My e-Home product in Jiangsu, realizing the combination of fixed line, broadband and mobile phone for the first time.

My e-Home is a family-oriented customized product of China Telecom that targets high-end users. It provides various information applications, covering telephone, broadband, video entertainment, family financial management, and home office. By October 31, 2008, the number of My e-Home users had reached 3.26 million in Jiangsu Province.

A person in charge of China Telecom Jiangsu branch says that since the CDMA business was transferred to China Telecom on October 1, 2008, the Jiangsu branch has been busy in the transfer of the CDMA network.

The mobile version of My e-Home has three different packages, which can meet the different demands of users. With the mobile elements that are specially created by China Telecom, the My e-Home product will become a more well-known brand, says Gao Tongqing, general manager of China Telecom Jiangsu branch.


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