China Telecom has selected Nortel as its major provider for CDMA wireless network development in seven Chinese provinces.

The CDMA solution from Nortel will provide China Telecom with high-quality voice services and mobile multimedia applications, including web browsing, email, instant messaging, picture messaging, gaming and advanced data services, to further improve the experience of China Telecom's users, so as to rapidly enlarge its customer group.

At the same time, Nortel's CDMA Enhanced 1X technology can help China Telecom to cut costs by the re-use of existing software and hardware to maintain its current network investment. In addition, Nortel offers a cost-effective development path to assist China Telecom in continuous improvement of its network and to achieve its own competitive edge.

The upgrade of the CDMA network will enable China Telecom to provide the highest-level services, high call quality and clarity in addition to high-bandwidth wireless functions to support applications of video, download of music and multimedia, which can ensure the users with more effective communications.

Richard Lowe, president of the Carrier Networks of Nortel, told local media that in the deployment of the world's major operators, the CDMA network, which provides voice, data and video services to millions of customers, takes up the core position.


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