Taiwan-based PC agent marketing company Genuine C&C Inc has become Dell's exclusive retail agent in Taiwan, selling complete Dell products such as notebooks, desktops and LCD products.

So far, Dell has over 850 sales sites on the Chinese mainland in addition to its deployment in more than 1,000 Gome appliances stores and its consumer products are sold in 145 Chinese mainland cities. After the deployment on the mainland, Dell started to actively explore the Taiwan retail market. In June 2008, General Manager for Dell Greater China Yang Chao evaluated Taiwan's retail market situation while visiting Taiwan and the company obviously found some advantages to placing itself into the market.

Founded in 1988, Genuine C&C Inc is one of the top information and communications channel agents in Taiwan, acting for over 60 Chinese and overseas brands. The company has three major shipping points, eight business sites, more than 100 service points and over 6,000 service dealers in Taiwan.


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