China's literature website has published a notice on its website stating that it will set up a anti-piracy fund and invest CNY200,000 as a first-phase investment.

To create a healthy development environment for the Internet literature industry and to safeguard the rights and interests of the website and the writers, will fight Internet literature piracy by setting up the fund, and according to, the company will be committed to fighting any illegal activity that infringes the copyright of works published on its website. It will hold a "zero tolerance" attitude towards piracy activities.

Prior to this, sued the Fujian-based literature website named Yunxiaoge for illegally copying and spreading the 1,339 original Internet literature works owned by The two persons in charge of Yunxiaoge were punished by one year in prison and penalty of CNY100,000, respectively.

Another website was also forced to close its literature channel recently because a major part of its literature works and pictures linked to the relevant pages of


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