The United Nations Development Programme and Yahoo China have partnered to increase access to HIV and AIDS information for Chinese Internet users by supplying urgent health information for users who are searching for sex-related information.

Yahoo's Chinese search engine at will provide a direct entry point to HIV prevention information for users not directly searching for HIV. By using search strings, UNDP says Yahoo will provide advertisement space with the key message: "Do you know about HIV and HIV Testing?" when the search topic is linked to over 20 high risk behavior related keywords such as sex, porn, and gay.

This partnership builds on UNDP's ongoing efforts to increase access to HIV awareness information to millions of Chinese by working with commercial media and advertisement companies, government partners, production companies, people living with HIV and UN partners. Over the past two years, these public private partnerships have led to the development and distribution of key anti stigma and safer sex messages via video advertisement platforms on buses, trains, airports and billboards throughout university campuses and gas stations.

According to the China Internet Network Information Center, China has over 210 million internet users, with the average age being 25 and students accounting for 32.3%. According to the CNNIC, Yahoo is one of the top three search engines in China.

"UNDP continues to work with the private sector in creative ways to involve the private sector in the response to AIDS," stated Napoleon Navarro, UNDP's deputy country director. "Working with Yahoo brings a wealth of experiences and know-how to develop innovative messages and utilize key distribution platforms to reach diverse population groups."


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