The telecommunications company Peoples, China Mobile's subsidiary in Hong Kong, announced that the company has changed its registered name to China Mobile Hong Kong from December 5, 2008, though its service brand Peoples will be maintained.

Previously a company owned by China Resources Group, China Mobile Hong Kong officially launched its main brand Peoples in January 1997, becoming Hong Kong's first PCS mobile network operator. It provides various services, including voice service, data service, roaming, WAP, GPRS, mobile Internet and multimedia information service in addition to the newly opened EDGE network. In March 2006, the company was acquired by China Mobile and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile.

China Mobile Hong Kong has attained rapid development over the recent years. At the end of November 2008, it launched a new 1-Card-Multi-Number service as well as many special offers, including portable number service for China Mobile's users on Chinese mainland. In addition, the company has launched a one-way charging system between Hong Kong and the mainland, covering such mainland Chinese areas as Beijing, Shanghai and the entire Guangdong province.


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