Chinese telecommunications manufacturer Huawei said it has launched mobile broadband products that can support Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, making Huawei the first Chinese manufacturer that supports the Windows 7 mobile broadband.

Huawei's new products include an embedded 3G module, the EM770. The module, which can provide uplink speeds of 5.76Mbps has already been available in notebooks produced by Asus and the Elitegroup.

Based on Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, Huawei's new mobile broadband products enable users to surf the Internet stably without installation of any further software. Jointly created by Huawei and Microsoft's research group in China, Huawei's mobile broadband products can be compatible for both Vista operating system and Windows 7 operating system. In addition, under the support of Microsoft, Huawei's new products can support higher speed and more applications.

Zhao Jingyu, director for the hardware innovation center of Microsoft's research group in China, says that they have been committed to introducing Microsoft's best hardware technologies and platforms to Chinese manufacturers. As an influential manufacturer in the global telecommunications industry, Huawei's mobile broadband products have outstanding performances in the world's market. The cooperation on Windows 7 not only shows the excellent product design ability of Huawei, but also represents Huawei's concern about its users' mobile access experience. They are looking forward to further cooperation with Huawei to provide better mobile broadband experience to the users of Windows.

Su Jie, director for Huawei's communications mobile broadband production line, says that since the beginning of 2008, Huawei has been cooperating with Microsoft in the development of high-quality mobile broadband terminal products for Windows 7 to ensure the synchronous launch of its commercial products and the next-generation operating system, so as to promote the rapid development of mobile broadband business and the better Internet experience of users. The Windows 7 operating system will bring the advantages of Huawei's products into full play.


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