Online gamers who can't get enough of their favorite virtual games on their computers can now experience some of those games in real life in China.

According to information from the First International Digital Creative Industry Summit held in Wuhan, the world's first online game theme park, the Universal Digital Carnival Valley, is planned for a location by the Tai Lake in Jiangsu province's Changzhou.

The theme park, which is expected to complete construction in 2010, focuses on the themes of anime games and e-sports. It gathers the world's best digital culture contents and combines latest digital entertainment technologies with interactive technology to make the virtual scenes in anime games into real scenes and to realize the joint development of culture, sport, technology and tourism. The park will have rides, food, and other entertainment and attractions.

Jointly invested by Changzhou Wujin Taihu Bay Tourist Company and the Singapore-owned Jiangsu Kaixuan Digital Culture Industry Base, the Universal Digital Carnival Valley covers a total area of 350,000 square meters, featuring nine digital culture and e-sports experience sectors such as Hero Gate, Taobao Street, QQ Fantasy, Mir World, Star World, Warcraft Land, Secret Island, Happy Harbor and World Digital Culture Temple.


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