The Shanghai government is considering the launch of online game service standards, according to which Chinese online game operators need to provide formal notification to players when they decide to close their usernames and remove their identification within the games.

Local media reports that the standards are currently being discussed and their basic framework has been initially completed. According to the draft of the standards, online game operators should give warnings to users whose accounts are frozen when the users are trying to log into their accounts. At the same time, the operators need to send formal notifications to the users via email, fax or mail within seven days to inform them of the situation.

The standards say that online game operators should strictly observe the regulations of relevant supervision departments and keep the records of the users to support the investigation of these departments when necessary.

In addition, if the users need to provide proof for their online game identifications to administrative organizations, judiciary or monitoring organizations, the operators should provide relevant identification and virtual property certifications to the extent permitted by technical conditions.

According to information from the Shanghai Information Services Association, the drafting of this Shanghai Online Game Industry Service Standards was started in July 2008. The standards, which originally were expected to be launched at the end of 2008, may become one of China's first online game industry service standards. However, the detailed time for the launch of the standards has not yet been revealed. The game is not yet over!


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