, the Chinese news website sponsored by the official Xinhua News Agency, has launched a multilingual, multimedia and multi-website news search system.

This new search system represents's effort to construct an authoritative news release platform, to make better use of the search engine technology to build a comprehensive inquiry platform that focuses on global news and information and to provide Chinese and overseas netizens with authoritative and convenient multimedia and multilingual news search services.

With the news search engine of, users can easily find relevant news, pictures, audios and videos in such languages as Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic by entering the keywords in the search box.

Chen Yu, technology director for, says that in addition to the features of multimedia, multilingual and multi-website searches, the search engine is fast and timely updated. Moreover, it can filter unhealthy and harmful information to ensure the safety of the viewed contents.

Statistics from China Internet Network Information Center show that at present, over 80% of Chinese netizens look up information via the Internet and over 60% use Internet search engines. As a portal that provides information search services, search engine has become a mainstream application for the Internet.


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