Seven Chinese online game operators, including Shanda (SNDA), NetEase (NTES), Giant (GA), The9 (NCTY), Perfect World (PWRD), Ourgame and Holdfast, have jointly announced plans to cooperate with the Chinese security software provider 360 to fight game identity theft trojan viruses.

Staring from December 2008, NetEase, The9, Perfect World and Ourgame will provide the 360 Safeguard software to their users as a security module of their games, so as to lower the threshold of ID protection of players by providing free-of-charge anti-trojan tools.

At the same time, Shanda, Holdfast and Giant will recommend the 360 series products on the official websites of their games.

Qi Xiangdong, president of 360, says the cooperation between 360 and the seven online game operators is mainly realized through a joint promotion of 360's customized anti-trojan tools such as 360 Safeguard and 360 Safe Box to online game players. 360 will design customized anti-ID-theft strategies for each online game operator and set up a complete set of solutions, covering trojan collecting, recording and deleting, to make its security software suitable for all online games in China.


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