According to reports in Japanese local media, about 100 Japanese enterprises will open online stores in China in the next few months and sell their products via the Internet, aiming to realize sales of JPY4 billion in the first year of their operation.

SBI VeriTrans, a Japanese B2C e-commerce operator, will be responsible for the operation of this Internet virtual shopping mall while handling relevant customs procedures. China Post will be in charge of the delivery of goods in China. More cooperative partners of this website include payment provider China UnionPay and the Japanese credit card company Sumitomo Mitsui Card. These partners will jointly manage the virtual shopping mall.

The Japanese enterprises considering selling their products through the sales systems include such Japanese companies as the appliances retailer Yodobashi Camera, the drugstore chain Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings, the mail-order company Cecile Company, and the children's clothing retailer Narumiya International Company.

About 20,000 products will be available in this online virtual shopping mall, which enables the Chinese consumers to buy Japanese products which cannot been seen in local mainland stores.


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