The Chinese instant messaging provider Tencent may launch a QQ-themed netbook in 2009.

An insider quoted by says that Tencent is currently carrying out an online survey among relevant users about the device. With the feature of the QQ-themed design and a focus on portability, Tencent's netbook aims to provide more conveniences to users. In addition, the netbook will integrate a management tool that can combine Tencent's software and those of other companies.

In Tencent's questionnaires, the company asks the users about which manufacturer should be the producer of the new netbook, showing that Tencent may cooperate with PC manufacturers in the launch of the netbook.

The news about the launch of the QQ-themed netbook has been confirmed by Tencent, but the company says it will not enter the hardware sector.

A representative from Tencent says the company will cooperate with relevant manufacturers in a model that can maximize the user value and provide relevant Internet applications solutions to make it easier for users to access Tencent's Internet products and services.


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