A group of people claiming to be marketing department staff of Sony Ericsson have gathered on a cold day outside the headquarters of Sony Ericsson in the Wangjing section of Beijing, asking for compensation after their labor contracts were terminated.

The former employees claim they signed labor contracts with Sichuan Yongyang Advertising Company, a marketing service provider for Sony Ericsson, but they arrived at Sony Ericsson's office to ask for compensation after they were told their labor contracts would be terminated. According to local media accounts of the gathering, the people considered themselves employees of Sony Ericsson and therefore went to the company's headquarters after gaining little feedback from SYAC.

Among these people, some are pregnant women and some of them claim to have worked for the company for over ten years. A manager from SYAC says these people are employees of SYAC and have nothing to do with Sony Ericsson, so it is unreasonable for them to ask for compensation from Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson told local media that it has outsourced some of its marketing force from a third party, and says that these people, most of whom are salespeople, belong to that third party service provider. However, Sony Ericsson says it will work to solve the problem even though it is not directly responsible for the employees.


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