The Internet Committee of the China Advertising Association has launched a trial version of the Recommended Usage Standard for China's Internet Advertising and the standard started its trial operation from January 1, 2009.

This is the first time for the committee to launch such a standard for China's Internet advertising industry. Chen Yong, the person in charge of the Internet Committee of the China Advertising Association, says that the launch of this standard aims to promote the gradual unification of China's Internet advertising standards to make the Internet advertisements easier to sell, so as to cut sales and production costs and to promote the development of the industry.

Chen says China's current Internet advertising forms are too diversified and the sizes for currently-used Internet advertisements number more than 170,000, which brings great difficulties to the popularization and development of Internet advertising. Therefore, the committee has implemented a selection of sizes, technical standards and capacities, which are currently used in Internet advertising around the world and the committee initially selected 199 kinds of often used standards to form the Recommended Usage Standard.

The standard covers over 80% of the advertising forms placed on China's Internet, adds Chen. Through six months' efforts of the entire industry in China, the less than 20% of non-mainstream advertising forms will be eliminated from the market.

After one year's trial operation, the committee will amend the standard to form an official usage standard for China's Internet advertising industry; and in the following three years, the standard is expected to raise the technical quality and standardization level of China's Internet advertising industry.


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