The Chinese instant messaging provider Tencent has announced on its official bulletin board forum that it temporarily closed its QQ chat room from January 8, 2009.

The company is coordinatig with the Chinese government's special campaign against the vulgar atmosphere on the Chinese Internet, and the the company decided to temporarily close its QQ chat room service from 17:00, January 8, 2009, and the company will publish the time for reopening in a further notice.

On January 5, 2009, seven Chinese government departments jointly started a nationwide campaign to fight websites that spread pornography and vulgarity on the Chinese Internet. At the same time, a list of 19 websites which had pornographic and vulgar contents were exposed, including well-known websites like Google, Baidu,,, and

Over the past few days, several relevant websites such as and have implemented rectification campaigns and made public apologies.


  1. These sites should be immediately stopped. It not only increases pornography but lot of time is spent by youngsters on such websites during office hours.

    We welcome such decisions and support such good causes.

  2. This is an obvious effort by the Chinese government to limit access to information.

    They simply deem as "vulgar" any site that exposes their corruption.

    They got their tool "viki tikoo" to make a post (if that is even a real person).

    I suspect that this comment won't be posted, or will soon be removed.

  3. i can't agree more…if china is worried about pornography…they should concentrate on better educating the children about sex instead of limiting internet access. shame you XXXXX. children like to do what they are told not to do. by denying people access to things such as porn, which can be obtained in many ways other than internet, is just going to make things worse. Chinese people are good in math…but not common sense. As the population grows you have illegal immigrants spreading all over the world. stupid XXXXX.


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