The world's leading home appliances maker Electrolux has announced that its president for the China area Li Yan has departed from her position, replaced by Electrolux's president for Asia Pacific Gunilla Nordstrom, who holds a concurrent post.

The owner of the Electrolux China's president position has changed frequently in recent years and since 1997, seven persons have been appointed as president for Electrolux China.

Joining Electrolux in February 2008, Li formerly worked in Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and had been president for Electrolux China for less than one year. The joining of Li once brought high hopes to Electrolux to change the situation that the company had not made any profit since it entered the Chinese market for more than 10 years. However, over the past year, Electrolux's performance in China was not improved.

In December 2008, Electrolux announced plans to cut 3,000 jobs globally, covering the Chinese office.

Electrolux revealed that although Li will no longer be president for Electrolux China, she will stay in the company's board of directors. According to what Li told local media, she will work for Motorola in the future, but the detailed position is currently not available.


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