Nortel has announced that Jackson Wu, former president for Nortel Greater China, has retired from his position, replaced by Huang Chenhong and Huang Yanwen, who will be in charge of Nortel Greater China's Operator Department and Corporate Network Department, respectively.

Dr. Huang Chenhong, president for Nortel China's operator division, will control Nortel China's operator-oriented business development and management, while Huang Yanwen, general manager for Nortel Greater China's corporate network division, will be responsible for the company's corporate network business development and management.

Dr. Huang Chenhong started his career at Nortel in Richardson, Texas, in the United States. Having served the company for more than 15 years, he is currently leading the sales team of Nortel to provide services for Chinese telecommunications operators.

Huang Yanwen joined Nortel in 1996 as a radio frequency engineer. Since then, he has been in the company for over 12 years. As the general manager for Nortel Greater China's corporate network business, he is responsible for the corporate network sales and channel management in Greater China as well as the operation and strategic planning of the corporate network division in this area.


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