Fujitsu China, the Chinese subsidiary of the Japan-headquartered IT service provider Fujitsu, has signed a strategic cooperative memorandum with the government of Nanhai district, Foshan, Guangdong province, to build a financial data center in the area to promote cooperation in the Pearl River Delta.

Mayor of Foshan Chen Yunxian, secretary of Nanhai District Li Yiwei and director of Nanhai District Ou Bangmin attended the signing ceremony last week, with Chen saying the Guangdong High-tech Service Zone for Financial Institutions has become a major project in the southern part of China. Its geographical position will definitely provide a good construction platform for Fujitsu to make it an important IT service provider in the Pearl River Delta and to further improve the IT service level of Foshan and the Pearl River Delta.

According to the memorandum, the two sides will establish a long-term and comprehensive strategic partnership in modern industrial fields, including modern information service industry and the advanced manufacturing industry; build a financial data center; and jointly promote the development of the information service industry of Guangdong.

Takeda Haruhito, general manager of Fujitsu China says that Fujitsu plans to focus on data centers and outsourcing services in the next ten years. The company's goal in China is to make innovations with enterprises, which is the same as Guangzhou's planning in its economic restructuring. The cooperation with the Nanhai district is the company's first step in its cooperation with Guangdong and it will implement overall cooperation with the province.


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