The Chinese security software provider Qihoo has announced that by the end of December 2008, its Qihoo 360 security software had been installed nearly 200 million times.

Qihoo says over two years of development, Qihoo 360 has become one of the largest free network security platforms in China. According to Zhou Hongwei, chairman of Qihoo 360, it is more important for 360 to gain the recognition of users right now than to make money. In fact, although its software has been installed almost 200 million times, Qihoo 360 still has not found a clear profit-making model. The company's president, Qi Xiangdong, told local media that the Qihoo's download service will not be used to make profit in the near future. The company will work out a new and unique profit-making model soon, he adds.

At the latest press conference for Qihoo 360, Zhou said this year that Qihoo not only needs to report the latest viruses to users in a timely fashion, but it also will launch special virus fighting tools as soon as possible. Moreover, the company aims to provide Chinese netizens with effective, convenient, low-priced software to start creating a new business model for the company.


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