Chinese telecommunications operator China Telecom has started its first 3G terminal tender and more than 40 CDMA manufacturers are participating in the tender.

China Telecom just held a meeting with more than 40 CDMA manufacturers in Beijing and revealed its preparation situation for the wireless broadband business. The CDMA wireless broadband business is the focus of China Telecom's 3G business, which adopts the CDMA1X+Wi-Fi technology.

This meeting was actually a briefing for China Telecom's first 3G terminal tender, in which the EVDO network card is the main target.

Manufacturers participating in the tender include traditional CDMA terminal makers such as Huawei and ZTE. Some old brand CDMA mobile phone manufacturers like Coolpad did not appear in the tender, but they said they were developing the relevant products and would seek opportunities in future tenders.


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