According to the statistics provided by the official website of the Shanghai courts, from February 9 to February 26, 2009, the Chinese video website will face 14 lawsuits, of which, 50% are started by

Apart from, such companies as Jiangsu Shengshi Film and TV Culture Company; Shanghai Senle Culture Communication Company; Shanghai Animation Film Studio; Beijing Golden World Movie and Television Culture Company; and Guangdong Zoke Culture Development Company are also suing for respective copyright infringements.

A representative from says that's lawsuits against, which were previously temporarily halted, have now restarted. According to local Chinese media, the details of these cases are currently not available and the total compensation value asked by is not mentioned.

Reacting to's move, has published a statement outlining that's accusation against lacks a factual basis and it has already counter-sued for attacks against its reputation.

Prior to this, more than 80 Chinese copyright owners, including, Beijing Polybona Film Distribution and Beijing Orange Sky Entertainment Group, had organized an anti-piracy alliance and were planning a massive legal assault against for copyright infringements. Since then, and have been involved in a serious war of words in the Chinese media and the coming weeks will see more legal pronouncements.


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